How it all happened

Many years ago a few of the "World Famous" Gravesend RFC Moles rugby team decided it would be a rather good idea to open a pub.

"I know just the place" declared #1 Mole: "The old Cellar Bar on the High Street. Only problem is, it's a tattoo parlour these days!"

All good things come to those who wait, and eventually the opportunity arose for the Moles to take over that space. And although #1 Mole unfortunately can't be with us for logistical reasons, here we are in the old Cellar Bar/tattoo parlour on the High Street.

About the Mole Hole

Firstly, the Mole Hole ISN'T a rugby pub (although if you're looking for lewd songs and gratuitous nudity we can of course point you in the right direction...).


The Mole Hole is operated by a group of friends and their families for friends and families. With no screens or booming music it's a place to connect in a comfortable and welcoming environment. And, of course, to try our exciting selection of cask ales and other new drinks - you might discover you're quite partial to our range of gins, for example.


Come and visit us. We're open from 5pm to 10pm Tuesday to Friday; 12pm to 10pm on Saturdays and 12pm to 6pm on Sundays. 

Please note that access is via a spiral staircase down to the Mole Hole. We just couldn't fit a lift in place - sorry.

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